Today is World FM Day and the theme for 2014 is ‘Connected FM, Connected World – Global Knowledge Sharing’

Our first thought when considering a blog to mark the occasion was to look to the software and systems the FM industry relies on to achieve that connection and share their knowledge, but it occurred to us that lying beneath the systems there is a component far more fundamental to the success of any FM  technology.


With property accounting for the second largest cost for businesses, best case scenario would be for property and FM teams to have their data in order and be confident in their analysis; however this is typically not the case. Organizations are plagued by silos of local information in any number of formats and held in a range of incompatible systems that hasn’t been subjected to regular validation or update. How can you understand the true cost of your property and asset portfolio without accurate data to base to assessment on? The answer: you can’t!

Without accurate and reliable base data, the information and the analytics derived from any CAFM or IWMS software is compromised. If your FM strategy and decisions aren’t delivering the results you were expecting, perhaps it’s time to take a step back and assess the condition of the data you are relying on.

Organizations with accurate facilities and property data report:worldfmday2014MEDIUM_logo

  • Improved workforce efficiency
  • Greater ROI on technology investments
  • Better VFM from their property portfolio
  • An increased bottom line

So challenge yourself on World FM Day to question the integrity of your data.  Ask if your data is standing in the way of your Ability to achieve: Connected FM, Connected World – Global Knowledge Sharing.

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