Facility and space management software applications are moving to the cloud, and its revolutionizing property portfolio management.

A world away from the constraints and expense of locally installed software packages, cloud-based solutions are fully managed and hosted on-line. They are scalable, flexible and, because they are sold ‘on-demand’, significantly more affordable. If they aren’t reasons enough to go the cloud-based Software as a Service way for your facilities and space management, it also offers:

A cap-ex-free solution

There are no infrastructure requirements and in effect, you rent rather than buy the software so there is no capital expenditure and typically, start-up costs are comparatively little. This model opens the doors for organizations who have previously been unable to justify the spend on facilities and space management software, and provides access to a valuable tool set which puts them on a level playing field with their competitors, whatever their size or financial position.

A maintenance-free approach

Cloud-based applications are managed by their provider. They take care of server maintenance and security updates removing the burden and cost from your IT group. And upgrades are delivered seamlessly without any onus on you to do anything so you can be sure you are working with the latest software version and benefitting from new features as they appear.

An added layer of data security

Because cloud-based applications mean that an organization’s data is held beyond their IT networks, they offer a much faster route to disaster recovery. Even under normal conditions, cloud based apps have a significantly reduced impact on a company’s IT group.

A more productive workforce

Cloud applications better satisfy the needs of an increasingly dynamic and mobile workforce. Providing there is an internet connection they can be accessed via secure logins anywhere in the world and new technologies such as HTML5 make them available on both desktop and mobile device. The result is a workforce who can work flexibly anywhere, anytime and collaborate remotely without the travel, time, cost and restrictions associated with working via locally installed packages.

A universally usable tool

Historically, software in this arena has relied on users’ CAD and architectural skills, automatically limiting the number of employees within an organization able to use it. One of the key features of cloud computing is wider accessibility so it stands to reason providers want to make them easier to use! Our Intelligent Floor Plan is graphics driven and has no reliance on CAD or other specialist technology packages so if a user is familiar with standard computing packages they will require minimal training to be up and running. It provides a single source of information accessible to all departments across your organization that enables joined up thinking and streamlined workflows.

The bottom line is that cloud-based facilities and space management apps increase workforce and operational efficiencies, and improve cash flow. In a recent study, Gartner projected that by 2016 36% of all data will be stored in the cloud. Make 2014 the year for your company to reap the benefits of cloud-based facilities and space management. To find out more about how this approach could work for you, click the link below:

Intelligent Floor Plan