Security Statement

Information is an asset that is essential to an organization’s business and must be appropriately protected. This is especially important in the increasingly interconnected business environment where information is exposed to a growing number and wider variety of threats and vulnerabilities. Both Company and Customer information are equally important to QC Data. As such, measures must be taken to protect information from unauthorized modification, destruction, or disclosure whether accidental or intentional, as well as to assure its authenticity, integrity, availability, and confidentiality.

QC Data has defined and implemented a Security Policy which ensures compliance with recognized standards of information security. The security of information is vital to our business success and is a critical aspect of the relationship with our clients.  We do not use a third party host or facility for data storage and/or data access. All data and associated systems are securely stored on a DMZ or behind firewalls. Network infrastructure is secured through the use of filtering, file access control and authentication devices. Anonymous FTP access is not allowed. Database access control and file permission procedures are in place to restrict unauthorized data access.

QC Data has and will continue to meet the evolving needs for comprehensive business continuity management as well as the security requirements to safeguard information that is important to our business interest and to help serve the needs of our clients.

Any inquiries regarding QC Data Security should be directed to the QC Data Security Director at