QC Data UK Ltd. obtains an above-average (A+) score on the Iberdrola Sustainability Supplier CSR Scoring campaign.

“An important goal for Iberdrola is that our suppliers are placed in the best possible ranking, therefore congratulations to your organisation in attaining the (A+) rating.”
– Iberdrola Purchasing Department

QC Data has provided high-quality GIS and Engineering data management and support service to Iberdrola’s wholly owned subsidiary, Scottish Power Energy Networks, since 2008.


About QC Data
QC Data provides Intelligent Infrastructure Services focused on gathering, recording, mapping and managing critical and relevant infrastructure data for the Utilities and Telecommunications industries. Our customers’ decisions to renew their long-term contracts with us time after time when support is needed is the most powerful indicator that QC Data’s claim to deliver on our promises is borne out in practise.