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About Us

- How We Do It

We make sure that companies have the infrastructure data they need to make informed decisions to deliver the results their customers expect.

As every business grows, develops and matures, so do their information support needs. Meeting those needs means the data about the infrastructure that delivers essential services has to be continually built, maintained and leveraged.

For something as critical as infrastructure data it’s important to choose the right business partner for support.

QC Data combines a highly experienced team of industry experts, IT professionals and data analysts with proven methods and procedures to collect, manage, maintain and improve vital infrastructure data systems and processes.

While what we do at QC Data is important, it is how we do it that sets us apart as a partner.

We focus our services on markets that we understand – Telecommunications, Utilities, and Property Management.
This allows us to develop a deep understanding of the pressures and challenges our customers face, and how infrastructure data supports their ability to respond effectively.

It shapes our services and drives us to recruit subject matter and industry experts that deliver value to our customer’s business.

We are problem solvers at our core; we work to understand our customer’s business drivers and implement solutions that make their job easier. 
Focusing on our clients’ requirements and end goals we design, implement, and deliver projects to ensure they have the depth and quality of data needed to run their business.

We work to understand their organization, the drivers behind engaging with a service partner and the outcomes they need to achieve. This understanding helps us create programs and services that drive their business forward; increasing profitability, improving customer service and allowing them to maintain a competitive edge.

We know that infrastructure data management and optimization require the right service partner.
Our service offerings are specifically targeted to meet the stringent process flows, turnaround times, volumes, and quality requirements associated with engineering and asset data in the work order lifecycle. From our in-country operating centers, we can deploy subject matter experts who can quickly ramp-up projects and provide immediate value.

We work with our clients to establish a common understanding of business objectives, service levels, performance measurement criteria and quality requirements.

We are committed to and provide continuous measurable improvements on all of our programs. We deliver value by continually creating better processes and adding innovative new service offerings.

Delivering Services – We offer our Intelligent Infrastructure Services through either a project-based our outsourced delivery model.
Business Process Outsourcing is the ongoing management and maintenance of data through long-term service agreements that can cover services such as Outsource Program Management, Records Posting, CAD Services, and steady-state Data Management.

We also have Project Services that help new and existing customers build, maintain and improve their engineering and asset data through fixed-term programs such as Engineering Design, Data Conversions and Migrations, Backlog Posting, Process Reviews and Improvements, and third-party Quality Assurance and Control.

All of our services can be provided onsite at the client’s location, or remotely in QC Data’s secure operations centers.

At QC Data we focus on our customer’s requirements and end goals to design, implement and deliver solutions that have the depth and quality of data they need to run their businesses intelligently.


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