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About Us

- What We Do

A world of intelligent infrastructure information exists in every business – managing it is the key to your success. Complex infrastructure networks, backed by innovative technology are relied on to supply light, warmth, high speed communications and other related services to people and businesses worldwide. Data and information about that infrastructure is the glue that holds it all together.

That’s why at QC Data we are dedicated to developing and delivering infrastructure data management services and solutions that support effective business processes and timely decisions.

We call our offerings Intelligent Infrastructure Services and they’re focused on collecting, recording, mapping and managing the critical and relevant infrastructure data that Telecommunication, Utility, and Property Management companies need to succeed.

We specialize in capturing and maintaining asset data. Our services address field collection and verification, data engineering, data conversion, data migration, system implementation, data cleanse, business process design support, and data management consultancy. Our capabilities extend to all major GIS, CAD, CAFM and Asset Systems, as well as field-based asset survey.

We work across North America and Europe, both from our own class-A operations centers, and on-site at our customer’s locations.

We have a proven track record of on-time, high-quality services provision in the telecommunications, utilities, and property management sectors.

Fast Facts About QC Data’s Industry Experience

  • Handling more than half a million telecom asset data updates annually
  • Processing more than 2 million utilities asset data updates annually
  • Building and maintaining floor plan and asset data for 100 million sq. ft. of commercial property
  • Approaching 400 full time industry, IT and data specialists
  • Established SLA’s for quality and timeliness
  • Fortune & FTSE recognized customer base
  • Over 39 years of industry experience and reputation
  • Customer partner relationships that average 10+ years
  • One focus – Putting data at the center of Intelligent Infrastructure Management

Built on decades of experience and supported by our team of dedicated industry professionals, QC Data is setting the new standard for the future of Intelligent Infrastructure Services.


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