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Our Leadership

Michael Pfeiffer
Chief Executive Officer

Mike Pfeiffer has served in the role as Chief Executive Officer of QC Data for the past 25 years. Mike has been the visionary behind the strategic growth of QC Data, from a small regional GIS data conversion company to the international Intelligent Infrastructure Services business it is today. Mike enjoys working with his executive management team on business development strategies and their execution. Mike is passionate about creating a company that provides a collaborative environment that fosters innovative thinking and creating long standing mutual beneficial relationships with its customers.

After graduating from the University of Illinois, BSc Electrical Engineering, in 1975, Mike joined Hughes Aircraft Co. in El Segundo, California. During his 18 years with Hughes, Mike took on ever increasing levels of responsibility starting as an Electrical Engineer working in their defense electronics organization, then later becoming Director of Operations for their communications satellite division to ultimately, serving as the President and CEO of Hughes Canada. Mike’s appetite for building teams and forging paths into new markets was the driver for him to make the change to QC Data in 1993.

Mike has citizenship in the United States and Canada. In addition to an undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois, Mike holds an MBA from Loyola Marymount University and has completed executive education programs at the University of Southern California and Stanford University. During his career he has served on various boards and educational advisory committees.

Glen Helin

As President, Glen Helin leads the efforts of multiple teams within QC Data. Prior to joining the company, he worked for several years as a project manager with Butler Computer Graphics, a pioneer in the CAD/GIS field. Since joining QC Data, Glen has seen a steady progression of responsibility to his current position, where he heads up Operations, Accounting & Finance, Technology, Human Resources, and Contracts & Legal, as well as sitting on the Executive Management Committee, where he participates in setting the company’s short and long-term business strategies.

Glen is excited about the direction that QC Data is going with Intelligent Infrastructure Services, both as it applies to the expansion of service offerings to the company’s long-standing market segments of Telco and Utilities. He believes that the ability to better visualize the locations and attributes of a business’ people, assets and infrastructure are vitally important to its day-to-day operations, its growth and its profitability.

Glen graduated with honors from the University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and subsequently received additional educational training in Operations & Business Management from the University of Colorado – Denver.

Jamie Curtin
Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

As Senior Vice President, Jamie Curtin is responsible for overseeing growth through sales and marketing for QC Data. Jamie originally joined QC Data as a college intern in 1989 and has worked in all aspects of the business. Jamie left QC Data in 2004 to take up the challenge of creating a cohesive national brand and sales organization for The Sanborn Map Company, Inc. In early 2013 Jamie rejoined QC Data to assist the executive team in expanding the business portfolio into new markets and creating branding that supports the Company’s vision for the future.

He enjoys the challenge of working with and building collaborative teams of diverse backgrounds that deliver success. His passion has always been the geospatial industry. Working at QC Data provides the opportunity to be involved in both.

Jamie has citizenship in the United States and Ireland and holds a BSc degree from Metropolitan State University in Denver.

Ian Wainwright
QC Data UK Limited (Retired Managing Director) – Director

Ian retired as Managing Director of QC Data’s United Kingdom business unit in October of 2016.  Post retirement Ian assumed the role of Director for QC Data UK.  In his role Ian provides mentoring and coaching to the UK management team and assists the Board of Directors in evaluating and developing Business Development, Partnership and Sales strategies.

Serving as Managing Director of QC Data’s businesses in the United Kingdom and Ireland from 2002-2016, Ian led a diverse multidisciplinary workforce in seven locations as well as a field force covering an extensive area of the UK. Prior to joining QC Data, he undertook industry leading projects in electricity and telecommunications network modeling and in the development of asset information systems and processes in the UK and internationally, undertaking assignments in Eastern Europe, Africa and North America.

Currently, besides being a Board member of QC Data UK and QC Data Ireland, Ian serves as a Corporate Advisor to QC Data on European Business.

Jess Morris
Brand & Communications Manager

As Brand and Communications Manager for QC Data, Jess is responsible for the overall company-wide marketing and brand strategy.

Jess joined QC Data in 2013, to assist in developing the inbound marketing, brand strategy, communications philosophy and positioning. In addition to her current Brand and Communication responsibilities, Jess also oversees Product Development for QC Data’s Intelligent Floor Plan SaaS application.

Prior to joining QC Data, Jess was responsible for Business Capture Strategy for the Sanborn Map Company. Jess comes from a technical background in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). And while she finds the system applications of GIS fascinating, she realized early on in her career her true passion is educating buyers about the potential uses for Digital Mapping in their business. She couples this passion with a strong belief in the power of digital platforms and social media to positively impact the buyer’s journey in both the sales and marketing.

Jess holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Geography from the University of Colorado.