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QC Data History

QC Data has more than 39 years in the Intelligent Infrastructure Services market. Our foundation was at the emergence of CAD, GIS and Asset management software. We were there to support the first implementations of these systems with customers who were the early adopters in their industries.

Over the years the industries we work in have grown and changed, and technology advancements have altered the way companies approach infrastructure management. As our clients changed so did we, evolving to meet the new needs of infrastructure-based industries. Today, our customers derive significant benefit from our background and know-how as they embrace leading edge solutions in managing their infrastructure data.

Throughout our history, QC Data has always held true to our core mission – Developing new and innovative data solutions that provide our customers with the data and intelligence they need to adapt, grow and manage their business more effectively.

As a result, we have been a trusted, long-term service provider to some of the world’s leading property management, telecommunications and utilities organizations for the past three decades.

QC Data Corporate Timeline

QC Data was founded in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1977 as a small privately held company, providing well log digitizing services to the oil and gas industry.

In 1991, QC Data was acquired by Mr. Alfred H. Balm, an entrepreneur and financier.

His vision and goal was to transform QC Data from a regional, technology-driven company into an international, market-driven and technology-based company.

Over the years the company expanded its service offerings, ultimately becoming an industry leader in the markets we serve. Having established our reputation in oil and gas data management and delivery, we began to expand into data conversion support for AM/FM/GIS implementations to telecommunication and utility companies and government organizations.

In December 2000, after building a world-wide presence in the oil and gas data market, the company sold its oil and gas data division and aligned all its resources on growing telecommunications and utilities support businesses.

QC Data has continued to be a premier data services provider to the utility and telecommunications industries, and we have additionally expanded our services to include the property management industry. In 2014, we launched our Intelligent Floor Plan solution.

The Intelligent Floor Plan is a space and occupancy management application designed to support mid-market commercial real estate property and facility managers, and real estate owners as they embrace CAFM solutions to support the needs of their end customers.

Today, QC Data’s Intelligent Infrastructure Services support our international clientel from operations in the United States and the UK.


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