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Our Customers

We make sure that company’s mission critical infrastructure data is accurate and accessible whenever they need it, wherever they are.

For over 40 years, QC Data has been designing and delivering business process outsourcing services and support to organizations whose business is dependent on current, accurate and accessible asset information. Our intelligent infrastructure services provide our clients the confidence that the information they need to make informed strategic operational and investment decisions is accurate and defensible.

QC Data has a proven track record of delivery to a prestigious portfolio of telecommunication companies across North America, the UK and Ireland. Since entering the telecom market over 25 years ago, we have provided critical data services and consultancy for many of the sector’s leading organizations including the successful completion of the world’s largest sole-sourced data conversion program. Our telecom clients have returned to QC Data time and again to undertake critical fiber engineering design updates, information management projects, and longer term steady state records management on their behalf.
QC Data has been successfully providing services to the utilities sector for the past 25 years since entering the market through a data conversion program for a major US utility client. Our customer portfolio now includes one the US’s largest regulated electricity utilities and 60% of the UK’s electricity distribution network operators; gas clients across the US and Europe; and major UK water and waste water companies.
Property Management
Our CAD services have been in operation for over 30 years and include planning, design and geospatial data capture. In 2009, QC Data drew on our skills and experiences of CAD based infrastructure management to expand into the property management sector. Since our entry into this market we have supported over 20 clients, two of the world’s largest property management firms, and have captured in excess of 140 million square feet of floor plans for customers from diverse industries including medical and pharmaceuticals, technology, banking and the military.

We have an enviable track record of successful delivery validated by the long term, ongoing relationships with our customers. Our clients return to us again and again; what better testimony to our capabilities and results?


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