For the last 35 years QC Data has been a trusted partner to our customers helping them manage and maintain their asset and network information and data.

While we are proud of our heritage, we have always challenged ourselves to remain innovative, to embrace emerging technologies and markets, and to find the best solutions to meet our customers’ ever increasing infrastructure data demands.

Over the past few months we have been working to create a refreshed brand that speaks to these challenges and articulates the core products and services that we provide to the industries we serve. Today we are pleased to announce the launch of this refreshed brand, Intelligent Infrastructure Services.

In some respects Intelligent Infrastructure Services is not new. As we endeavored to define the core focus of our company we came to realize that this brand does not only articulate the focus of our company going forward but is actually the baseline of what we have always done. Whether it’s our long standing relationships in the Telecommunications and Utilities industry or our newest customers in the Property Management market all aspects of our products and services are focused on designing and delivering intelligent infrastructure services to organizations whose business is dependent on current, accurate and accessible information.