The Intelligent Floor Plan™ is a graphical space and occupancy planning tool designed to help you manage your company’s office space, occupancy, assets and people more effectively. Version 2.0 is now available and comes with some great new features designed to let you and your business:

Be Mobile

The Intelligent Floor Plan™ is a web-based platform and is now available on any device. You can have as many users and viewers as you need working on pm_10lgyour data anytime, anywhere making it the perfect tool for supporting your mobile workforce.

Be efficient 

Full functionality on your mobile devices means that now you can make edits on the fly and everyone has real time data literally at their fingertips! Version 2.0 will further improve you response times and increase workforce productivity giving you a competitive edge.

Be Proactive 

Make sure your office space continues to support effective working in the face of your changing requirements. Space Designer is new for Version 2.0 and helps you plan your space, create what-if scenarios and test your theories inside the application to determine what works best for your company before you invest in redesign and refurbishments.

Be Informed

Get real time analytics about your space use, asset and occupancy by generating dashboards, reports and charts via our redesigned user interface and spatial visualizations to help you quickly understand your data. In Version 2.0 your information will be even easier to interpret and analyze to help you find ways to reduce costs, improve productivity and plan for the future.

Be supported 

Align the Intelligent Floor Plan™ to your business goals by having it configured to your needs. It is offered as Software as a Service and because we handle the software upgrades you don’t have to, so you are always working with the latest and greatest version. It’s easy to use and you will benefit from dedicated support customer support, whenever you need it.

The Intelligent Floor Plan™ is the simple way to make your job easier by giving you more time for the things that matter. Not using it yet?

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