We are pleased to announce the appointment of Glen Helin to President of QC Data group of Companies. As President, Glen will have responsibility for the Company’s operating units worldwide. In addition to his role as President, Glen sits on the Executive Management Committee, where he participates in setting the company’s short and long-term business strategies.

Prior to his appointment as President, Glen served as Executive Vice President, leading the efforts of multiple teams including Operations, Accounting & Finance, Technology, Human Resources, and Contracts & Legal. He has been with QC Data for more than 25 years working in a variety of roles and has proven himself to be a dedicated company leader and advocate.

“I have held the title as President and CEO of QC Data since I joined the company in 1993. Having worked very closely with Glen the last several years, I am very confident in relinquishing to Glen the responsibilities of being President of the Company” said Michael Pfeiffer, Chief Executive Officer, QC Data.

Glen graduated with honors from the University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and subsequently received additional educational training in Operations & Business Management from the University of Colorado – Denver.