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Your network data is only valuable if it accurately describes the physical assets and infrastructure deployed in the field. Field data collection falls into the awkward middle ground between construction and asset management; it’s often overlooked or handled as an afterthought. This can result in poor quality records that are missing critical information and take far too long to reach your corporate systems.

In the demand-driven infrastructure environment it is essential for Utilities to make accurate and timely field data collection a priority. QC Data’s Site Survey Services bridge the gap in responsibility between infrastructure, construction and asset management.


We offer specialist site-based surveys, data capture and administrative support services to integrate with every stage of your construction process:

  • Land and space use surveys
  • Feasibility studies
  • Design validation survey
  • Collation of records and information packs to support construction
  • Post-construction asset survey
  • Reinstatement and site clearance audit
  • Asset condition inspections

We appreciate how critical the results of field surveys are to your infrastructure management and safety administration. We understand what level of information you need, how to collect it and how to represent it cost and time effectively.

QC Data offers:

  • A professional and dedicated approach to field data collection that delivers accurate and timely records
  • Scalable services to mirror the size and frequency of your construction projects
  • The option to ramp up quickly to address demand
  • Trained, capable teams with current authorizations
  • Software platform independent techniques to record the location, materials and condition of overhead and underground (open trench) infrastructure assets
  • Effective work scheduling techniques to ensure you benefit from optimal productivity

Working with QC Data’s field data services eliminates the managerial, financial and logistical burden of operating a remote, geographically dispersed team; giving you the time you need to focus on your core business functions, with the peace of mind of knowing that the data on which you are basing your business decisions is current and reliable.


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