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Embracing smart grid and net-zero building initiatives mean network data quality and timeliness is more critical than ever. Today’s utility resources are literally at customer’s fingertips, ready to be called on at the flick of a switch. And in the background, the management of data helps ensure that the delivery of these services continue without interruption or delay.

“QC Data is a trusted and reliable service provider.”

“It has proven itself to be flexible, adaptable and responsive over the years. I am looking forward to continuing to work closely with Paul Lowe and his team over the next two years during this exciting period of change.”

The move from load-driven to demand-driven network management means a re-engineering of the way utilities think and operate. In this new era of utility management, understanding customer and network behaviors as well as performance, is essential, and that means more reliance on data analytics. But the analytics and results are only as good as the data they leverage. QC Data’s utility data services provide accurate, high quality data-centric business process outsourcing and support for infrastructure management from pre-construction to decommissioning.

We acquire, record, validate and maintain infrastructure data that guarantees your engineering records reflect real-world networks. Working within the parameters of your infrastructure systems and strategies, QC Data supports:

  • Infrastructure maintenance – identifying assets, their location and how they connect
  • Data management strategy
  • Fluctuating volumes of data processing
  • Specialist skill needs
  • Disaster recovery
  • Response to industry and legislative changes

Our flexible and scalable solutions are designed to meet current and future business demands, resulting in accurate and current data sets that allow you to manage your networks more efficiently, resulting in more informed business decisions and quicker response times.

Working from best practices derived from over 35 years’ experience, and a demonstrable track record of success in the utilities industry, QC Data helps you get more from your technology applications.


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