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Diverse technical knowledge and industry-leading experience help you manage your infrastructure and asset data effectively. Beginning with the Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) and progressing through today’s high-speed data, voice and video, telecommunications and cable companies have changed the way we communicate. In today’s ultra-competitive market, these companies are challenged with continually enhancing their network infrastructure to support ever increasing demands for bandwidth and services while managing cost to remain competitive.

QC Data provides accurate, high quality data-centric business process outsourcing and fiber design engineering support services for telecommunications infrastructure management. From pre-construction operations to decommissioning we design, acquire, record, validate and maintain infrastructure data for you ensuring your engineering records accurately reflect your real-world infrastructure network. This means you can focus on your core business functions of network operation, maintenance and upgrade.

Drawing on best practices derived from over 20 year’s telecommunications data experience, we offer:

  • A trained, industry experienced workforce
  • Detailed working knowledge of Outside Plant and Central Office data and records
  • Flexible and scalable solutions to suit your changing business needs
  • Ability to ramp-up quickly, while maintaining high quality results

Our services result in accurate and current source data that allow you to:

  • Cost effectively manage and maintain your infrastructure while significantly reducing operating costs
  • Make sound investment decisions
  • Extend your product portfolio and services
  • Improve end customer experience
  • Focus on your core business.

As construction and networks upgrade schedules are accelerated, effective and efficient fiber design and infrastructure data management is more critical to business performance than ever before. Taking into account your current processes and practices, and your desired outcomes, lessons learned and our own proven project management methodologies, we design innovative projects and outsource programs guaranteed to deliver.


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