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Intelligent Floor Plan

There is an easier way to understand and manage your office space. If you are new to workplace management, or just overwhelmed by the available IWMS and CAFM software solutions on the market, the Intelligent Floor Plan™ is the simple place to start.

“IFP is very user-friendly and QC Data’s product team is a great resource.”

“Intelligent Floor Plan has enabled us to be more responsive to occupant requests and improved our ability to manage planning, re-organization and move-in activities. It’s provided a simple way to record, update and report real-time space and occupancy information without struggling with spreadsheets.”

It is likely that your organization already has a world of information about your space, its configuration and the way it is being used. But to manage your space effectively and to make the most of your investment, the information needs to be accessible and held in a single easy to use application that lends itself to analysis.

Intelligent Floor Plan, QC Data’s CAFM software, offers a simple and cost-effective alternative for commercial real estate service providers, property owners, landlords and tenants alike. It is a great place to start if you want to begin integrating space, occupancy and asset tracking and reporting functionality into your workflows. Best of all, Intelligent Floor Plan can be used any place you have internet access.

Intelligent Floor Plan allows you to visualize, manage and report on your office environment in a graphic environment, solving complex space and occupancy challenges quickly, easily and effectively. And unlike some CAFM software, Intelligent Floor Plan is completely web-based.

Features of Intelligent Floor Plan include:

  • Asset and occupant tracking
  • Graphical interface space design and planning tools
  • Spatial analytics via visualizations and reports
  • Information and document management
  • Customizable dashboard, user views and reports
  • Data harvesting

Having your office space, asset and occupant data stored in an intuitive visual interface helps companies large and small manage space more effectively. We offer a CAFM software solution that is:

Flexible – Software doesn’t have to be purchased and downloaded, and it shouldn’t tie a user to a specific workstation. Log on via the internet and work wherever.

Simple – designed to be intuitive, Intelligent Floor Plan does not require any specialist skills or training – you can start working right away

Customizable – recognizing that all businesses are different, Intelligent Floor Plan’s views and reports can be customized to deliver critical information that is most meaningful to you

Visual – knowing that it is easier and faster to comprehend relationships graphically rather than via text-based reports or spreadsheets, the Intelligent Floor Plan is designed to let you consider and work with your space plans visually – there is no requirement for you to view or edit the underlying databases

A single source of truth – presenting accurate information from multiple data sources in a single environment to get the bigger picture without version conflict

With enhanced data visibility, you can start to see how and where you can improve your property management. This business insight can lead to:

  • Increased productivity – by using a visual tool to increase companywide communication and data sharing, managers can space plan more efficiently.
  • Improved process – the ability to see real time information helps support effective decision making and provide easy access to reports, metrics and analytics about how you use space.
  • More efficient management – by centralizing all relevant and current information about your space, building and property capacities in to a single, real-time location that is easy for everyone to access, update and understand.
  • Accurate forecasting – having critical and historical information about space utilization gives you the intelligence you need to plan for future needs and requirements with confidence.

To find out more about how Intelligent Floor Plan can make a difference to your organization, contact us today to arrange a demo.


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