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Property Management

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QC Data delivers the data you need to manage your infrastructure intelligently. The workplace is becoming an increasingly dynamic environment, with space configurations that are constantly changing to keep pace with organizational growth, restructurings, and flexible workforces. Our feild collection and auditing services offer up-to-date information so you can effectively utilize your space.

The data held in your information management systems are key to your ability to predict emerging needs, to plan moves and changes effectively and to deliver the optimal environment for workforce productivity. But business intelligence derived from even the most sophisticated software is only as good as the raw data held by the application.

That’s why QC Data offers internal site survey services to acquire, validate, and update critical information about your workplace.

QC Data’s feild data services include:

  • Measured internal building surveys
  • Measured floor plan surveys
  • Validation of existing floor plans
  • Furniture and equipment inventories
  • Staff to workspace/ equipment verification
  • Space utilization studies
  • As-built verification of new builds and re-designs

If you’re looking to commission our surveys to support the implementation of an IWMS or CAFM, support a move/change program, or to confirm the ongoing accuracy of your property information, we promise:

  • Independent surveys that produce factual, unbiased results
  • Access to trained survey staff
  • Accurate source data for your software that helps deliver optimal return on investment

 At QC Data, our ultimate goal is to ensure the data held in your applications accurately reflects the real world.


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